Meet Teresa

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We believe that authentic human connection is necessary for us to move from surviving to thriving!

Because I have seen incredible healing happen when the therapeutic relationship feels good, I offer a free 20-30 min. consultation to all clients. You can use this time to let me know what you're hoping to work on, clarify goals, interview me and find out more about my approach, and/or just 'feel it out'. Come on in and let's see if the fit is right for you!

Let me share some things about me that may give you a sense of who I am, how I work and how we might best work together.

  • My training is in marriage and family therapy, a systemic discipline focusing on all kinds of familial relationships and connections including how we interact with our greater culture and the communities in which we are engaged.
  • I hold a Permaculture Design Certificate awarded by the Permaculture Institute USA. I see strong connections in how we relate to each other and how we develop a sense of place; how we thrive in our society economically and how efficiently we use our resources in our homes, businesses, and communities. For more information, please see my blog article on the links between the principles of wellness within the field of couples and family therapy and the principles of permaculture design.
  • I received my graduate degree in counseling psychology with a specialization in couples and family therapy from Lewis and Clark College here in Portland.
  • I also have specialized training and experience in:
    • couples counseling
    • athletes
    • eating disorders and body image (intuitive eating)
    • ADHD (adult and teens)
    • grief and loss
    • PTSD and Trauma
    • sexuality and gender issues
    • addictions
    • parenting and adoption
    • diabetes
    • working with underserved and gifted adolescents
  • I welcome and celebrate the LGBT community.

I come to this work as an intersectional feminist. As such, I am comfortable addressing the ways systemic oppression shows up in my clients' lives. I aim, with humility and a commitment to actively understanding and dismantling my own power and privilege, to support clients in differentiating between their individual challenges and what may actually be a reasonable reaction to the unreasonable and often violent structures and systems within which we all exist. I am committed to centering marginalized voices and do not hesitate to invite clients to join me in this work, whether that voice is another's or their own. I firmly believe that together we rise, and an Audre Lorde quote regularly inspires me in this calling, "The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house". What "master's tools" are you ready and willing to unlearn in the pursuit of a peace, some justice, and a sense of true freedom?

My therapeutic focus is based on the principles of ecopsychology. In our work together, we will explore our connections with the natural world, our connection with our body and our use and structure of time. I believe in the healing power of natural spaces and may suggest (if mutually agreeable) meetings outside the office in a nearby natural setting.

My outdoor/indoor healing space is set within a private urban permaculture wildlife habitat. Garden hot tub and outdoor shower use can be arranged around your appointment time for an additional cost. Please inquire for details if interested.

Other theoretical perspectives that influence my work include but are not limited to: Emotionally Focused Therapy, Bowenian Family Therapy, Systems Thinking, Narrative Therapy, DBT, Jung and others. Please feel free to ask further questions or about particular theorists you find interesting.

In addition to my private practice and medical clinic work, I have also taught courses in gender studies, child and adolescent development and college success at Portland State, Portland Community College, and at Lewis & Clark's Graduate School. For a full list of scholarly publications and presentations, please see my resources page.

A Washington D.C. therapist's website reads "A therapy relationship is a weird animal. It isn't just personal, the way you usually have personal relationships, and it isn't just professional the way you normally have professional relationships. I am always glad to hear when someone has benefited from the professional aspect of our relationship such the tools we used to achieve a goal or make a difficult change. And yet I consider it the highest compliment to hear clients tell me they were able to sense in me my own humanness, care, and warmth." I couldn't have said it better myself!

I am a certified supervisor of counseling interns working towards their LPC and LMFT licensure in the State of Oregon. I offer both individual and group rates for those looking for active, experienced and inspiring supervision that gently and directly challenges those interested in developing a deeply grounded clinical practice. Please contact me for more information and rates

Again, please don't hesitate to contact me with additional questions and/or concerns. I look forward to connecting with you further!

In the meantime, take good care of yourself!