We offer inspiring permaculture based landscape design services to create and shape healing landscapes for your home and/or business.

We believe in the beauty and healing power of a seamless transition between our inside and outside world; our inner and outer landscape. Because of this deep committment to encouraging the practice of ecopsychology and ecotherapy, we offer discounts to healing professionals interested in transforming their client spaces to reflect this ethic.

Teresa as designer

Though she's been tending her own garden since childhood, Teresa brings twenty years of professional experience to her landscape designs. Before heading back to graduate school for counseling, Teresa worked and trained internationally as a florist, including owning her own floral boutique in Co. Dongegal, Ireland. It is there where she first began designing gardens and landscaping projects professionally for clients in the Republic's rugged NW climate. Teresa began her training in permaculture in 2001 with Jude Hobbs and has been cultivating and designing permaculture landscapes ever since. She received her permaculture design certificate in 2010. She uses her counseling skills to co-create with clients, landscapes that reflect one's desired relationship with Place.

While we do not currently do installations, we are delighted to offer the following three options for bringing the design to fruition:

  • Referrals to incredible landscape installers that work closely with Teresa and the client to ensure project alignment
  • Facilitation of a planting party with you and your closest friends
  • Ongoing landscape coaching to enable you to become the permaculture gardener you've always dreamed, allowing you to deepen your relationship with the landscape you are building along a more natural timeline

Give us a shout when you're ready to get started, for more information or to simply set up an initial consultation. We're excited about this part of our practice!